Acrylic Surfacing

Acrylic Surfacing

Laykold is our product of choice for our acrylic court surfacing. The supplier we choose is APT due to its large connection with Australia and their world recognised products. The production of the surfacing solution is different every time as it is personalised to suit each customer’s needs and requirements, to enhance performance levels, playability and appearance. Each solution manufactured meets the requests of the customer through adding silica sand or micron rubber into the acrylic. This surfacing solution provides advanced cushioning and reduced slip textures your players need to perform at their best.

APT has a selection of 12 unique, eye-catching colours for our customers to choose from. Laykold surfacing is an incredibly cost effective way to bring new life into asphalt and concrete surfaces. Best of all is a notably hard-wearing surface which is easy to maintain, as well as designed to be durable, fade, wear and tear and weather resistant.

The Miami Open has chosen Laykold surfacing since 1984 as their official surface. Community funded facilities are popular customers for this product due to its unique makeup as well.



All Premier Acrylic Sports Surfaced courts come with a 5-year warranty.

Laykold Product Brochure