Court Care and Maintenance

Court Care and Maintenance

Please keep in mind these care and maintenance tips are for Premier Acrylic Sports Surfaced courts.

Now that you have your new court, whether a full construction or just a resurface on your existing court, you should want to take care of it the best way you can to ensure the longevity and maximum performance of your court.

Dirt Contaminiation

  • Wash dirt off court when required.
  • In situations where windblown dirt or dust is an ongoing problem, then we recommend washing down of the court surface on a monthly basis. Wash a normal domestic court with a good hosing down of the surface every 3 months. This will assist with maintaining  the appearance of the surface and keep it looking new.

Mould Growth and Tree or Plant Contamination

  • Control over hanging trees to prevent contamination and staining
  • With the careful use of diluted solutions of detergents this should remove resinous contamination and staining if necessary.

Gum, Food and Drink Contamination

  • Mechanical scraping to complete removal of gum
  • Immediate washing of the surface when possible.
  • If staining has occurred diluted solutions and scrubbing,  should remove the stain

Wildlife Contamination

  • Fruit Bat Droppings can be extremely harmful to your court. We recommend immediately removing this substance either by mechanically scraping or water blasting them off.  This can cause blistering and peel on the court surface if not removed. In severe cases, this can not only cause blistering and peel off the Laykold surface but also the asphalt below to a depth of 6mm.
  • Use weak detergent mixed with water and mechanical scrubbing to remove animal contamination

Shoe Marks

  • White sole shoes and non-marking shoes are to be worn when playing to reduce marking
  • Black scuff marks can be removed with a little diluted detergent and mechanical scrubbing

Grease and Oil Stains

  • wash with detergent solutions

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