EPDM – Mulch and Rubber


EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. This product is a rubber substance that comes in two forms; mulch and rubber surfacing and is supplied to us through APT. APT also supplies our synthetic turf and acrylic surface paint.

The mulch is perfect for playgrounds, sport surfaces and park surfaces. The EPDM mulch is flame retardant, environmentally compatible and health friendly. Another great benefit is that the surface is made to be consistently safe and is also barrier free. It is 100% dyed through and sustainable through all types of weather. The mulch is proven to be a cleaner and easier to maintain than other playground surfaces. There are 5 solid colours as well as 3 mixed colours to choose from in EPDM mulch.

EPDM Mulch Brochures:

This rubber surfacing is designed to be durable, long lasting and water resistant. The design that has gone into this product makes it a firm but cushioning and virtually maintenance free product. The product is designed to sustain all weather as well as maintaining colour under is high UV. Our supplier APT offers a total of 48 colours in their extensive range for unique and eye-catching colours.

EPDM Rubber Brouchures