Frequent Asked Questions

If you are thinking about re surfacing or constructing your sporting court it is important to do your research, ask questions and get advice from an honest and reliable professional.

If you don’t find your answer here please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would also be happy to arrange a no obligation consultant to discuss your needs for free.

What are the average sizes for sporting courts?


Size                                28m x 15m

Run off all sides            2m

Handball                  Outdoor                       Mini

Length                       40m                             20m – 24m

Width                        20m                             12m – 16m


Size                             30.5m x 15.25m

Run off all sides           3.05m

Volleyball               Indoor                          Beach

Length                      18m                             16m

Width                       9m                               8m


Length                         Min 25m                      Max 28m

Width                          Min 2.4m                     Max 2.8m

Hockey                     Indoor                          Outdoor

Length                         44m                             91.4m

Width                          22m                             55m


Length                         Min 25m                      Max 42m

Width                          Min 15m                      Max 25m

Tennis                         Club/Recreational       Davis/Fed Cup             International Tennis Fed

Size                                    34.77 x 17.07               40.13 x 20.11                         36.6 x 18.3

Run off Back                       5.48m                          8.23m                                      6.4m

Run of Side                         3.05m                          4.57m                                      3.66m

What types of surfaces are available?

  • Acrylic Hard Courts
  • Cushioned Acrylic Hard Courts
  • Synthetic Grass
  • Rubber Surfacing (EPDM)
  • Spurtan BV (Athletics)

What types of fencing are recommended?

  • We recommend the standard fencing for sports courts is a chain link fencing system. Options for chain link fencing includes either galvanised or PVC coated systems. The posts and rails used for fencing can either be powder coasted or galvanised as well.

Should an architect and/or engineer be involved with me project?

  • Premier Sports and leisure are qualified court builders and therefore are able to provide engineered drawings for permits and construction should this be required.

How long will the surface last?

  • An Acrylic surface should last up to 5 years
  • Synthetic Grass surfacing should last up to 7 years

How long does it take to build a court?

  • It will take 3 weeks for an asphalt, concrete or road base surface with synthetic grass surfacing without weather hassles and 3 weeks for acrylic surfacing on a concrete base plus and extra 28 days for the concrete to dry out before applying the acrylic surfacing.

What surface is better?

  • Neither synthetic or acrylic are better it just depends mostly on the sport and what you require out of the court.

What court base is better?

  • Concrete is better for longevity however if you’re only going to be surfacing with synthetic grass than asphalt is fine.

Which surface is the easiest to maintain?

  • Acrylic surfacing is the easiest as it will only require a hose down every 3 months to maintain compared to synthetic grass which will require regular sweeping due to it being filled with sand.
  • For more on court maintenance please click here.

What Warranty do you offer?

  • Premier Court 5 years against manufacturing defects, manufacturer’s warranty
  • Installation 3 years against faulty workmanship and /or materials used

Warranty Exclusion

Crack repair, product and application to accepted industry standard as per manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. No guarantee is offered or implied against existing and or new cracks reflecting through the surface. Subgrade movement experienced during seasonal changes and or expansion and contraction of pavement cannot be calculated and may be in excess of the system’s capabilities. Even the fiberglass system has its limitation if the crack is structural and has excessive amounts of movement no product can handle this amount of flexibility there for we cannot warrant against cracking. Warranty also doesn’t cover bat droppings affecting the surface