Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Contruction

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Here at Premier Sports and Leisure we utilise our highly-experienced team in design and engineering to ensure we deliver the best product for each individual customer.
From the beginning of the process to the finished product, Premier Sports and Leisure strive to deliver a superior quality of workmanship and total customer satisfaction every time.

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All our installers and technicians are in house employees who allow us to deliver a consistently high standard of workmanship.

Enjoy high-performance play, either for private matches or world-class tournaments, with the longest-lasting synthetic sports surfaces on the market.

Preparation for the Court Base

To create the ideal playing surface for Tennis it all begins with the base. It is paramount the earthworks in Tennis Court construction adhere to the correct regulations. Tennis Courts all have a 1% fall. So, knowing and understanding the soil conditions is crucial to obtain the correct drainage to ensure the longevity of your court.

Soil testing is a must to fully understand the ground below the surface. Excavators, drotts and dual grade lasers are necessary for this process to achieve a safe and equally level tennis court.

Once the ground prep is finished, lay either sand, crusher dust or road base to achieve the required level for the court to comply with safety requirements and the customers request.

The Court Base

There are two options for the court base either asphalt or concrete.


Asphalt has a lower initial cost of installation but will begin to deteriorate quickly. At five years structural cracks have developed or are developing, as well as birdbaths which are depressions in the asphalt. Major restoration work of the courts surface will be required after 20 years. Asphalt can become damaged easier than concrete by ground movement. The asphalt can also become damaged by bad drainage and tree roots which is why it is essential that the base preparation is perfect before laying the base.


Reinforced concrete courts need to be 100mm thick. The concrete to pumped in with F82 reinforcing mesh placed on 50/65 bar chairs. All courts should be poured simultaneously. This is the most structurally sound method of construction. And after many years there should be no structural damage to the court.

The Synthetic Surface

Weather it is acrylic paint or synthetic grass surface there are certain specifications that are required to adhere to. We recommend a concrete base, with the necessary steel reinforcing and accessories which will ensure the longevity of your court. However,  for Sand-Filled Turf courts, either asphalt or concrete bases are fine. As well as properly prepared road base is another option for sand filled turf surfaces.

Premier Sports and Leisure understand that every tennis court construction site is unique which is why we strive to deliver total customer satisfaction with everything we do.

Court Accessories

Premier Sports and Leisure offer the highest of quality and have a range of fencing, lighting, and accessories to suit your needs and budget to ensure customer satisfaction. All Tennis courts constructed by Premier Sports and Leisure will have a 7-year warranty supplied on completion. Our court accessories come through Grand Slam who we have built a strong working relationship with.