Basketball Courts


Basketball Courts

Basketball – a game played between two teams of five players in which goals, are scored by throwing a ball
through a netted hoop.

Even though Basketball is a non contact sport it is one of the most injury prone sports in Australia! Medical and sports directors recognise and endorsed our surfaces for their ability to reduce sport related injury’s up to 60%. For our basketball courts we use acrylic surfacing paint. APT acrylic surfacing is design to be durable, fade, wear and tear and weather resistant.

Our promise to all customers is that our team will only provide sound advice, quality products and professional installation. Since delivering on this promise for many years has meant we’re the preferred supplier for many
delighted customers. As a result Premier Sports & Leisure is Queensland’s leading supplier of acrylic and artificial grass sport surfaces. What sets us apart from our competitors is our 100% commitment to every project.

As well as our passion to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. Not only do our synthetic sport surfaces offer world-class quality and the best value for money you’ll find.

Basketball Court Size: Length 28m x Width 15m – with a 2m run off on all sides

Colourful sports court
Coach Of Female High School Basketball Team Gives Team Talk
Colourful new Outdoor basketball court floor
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