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Premier Sports and Leisure understand that every tennis court is unique. We utilise our highly experienced team in design and installation to ensure the best product for each customer. Notably, Premier Sports and Leisure offer two different surfacing solutions, which are acrylic surfacing and synthetic grass. Both have their own benefits and features to suit everyone’s needs, budget and desired aesthetic.

Acrylic Courts

Premier Sports and Leisure offer a wide variety of Acrylic Sports Surfaces, you can be assured that we have the perfect surface solution for your tennis court to suit your needs and budget.
Brisbane Boys College Tennis Courts

Acrylic Surfaces Available:

Premier’s Acrylic Sport Surface is the most common and universal acrylic surface available. The two-coat system is meant for multipurpose use, and can be applied both indoors and outdoors on new or old asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Premier’s Acrylic Cushion Sport Surface consists of a custom-made, prefabricated rubber underlay that provides force reduction and reduces injuries and fatigue. This multilayer floating system is installed as a base for Premier’s Acrylic Sport Surface to provide a safer and more supportive playing surface for athletes.

Premier’s Acrylic Gel Sport Surface is the premium option in cushioned acrylic sport surfacing, equipping athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities with a superior playing experience. As a revolutionary ‘wet-pour’, self-leveling product which is manufactured with over 60% renewable resources, this sport surface provides athletes with 17% force reduction which reduces joint impact and body fatigue. It also has energy return properties that enhance performance and player stamina.

Synthetic Grass Courts

Premier has 3 ranges of synthetic grass tennis court products including budget friendly, commercial and professional options depending on your preference. All synthetic grass products are non-directional and are available in a range of colours for a custom look and feel. These Australian made tennis court surfaces are more durable and provide great slip resistance, spin response, ball bounce and superior aesthetics. Some of the products also incorporate COOLplus® technology for better player comfort in direct sunlight. All Premier synthetic grass products come with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Synthetic Grass Available:

  • Budget
  • Commercial
  • Performance

The cost to construct, surface or resurface a tennis court, varies depending on the requirements. However, Premier Sports and Leisure prides itself on supplying all customers with multiple options that allow the client to customise the extent of works to be completed, therefore also allowing them to be in control of the overall price.

Asphalt has a lower initial cost of installation but will begin to deteriorate quickly. At five years, structural cracks have developed or are developing, as well as birdbaths, which are depressions in the asphalt. Major restoration work of the courts surface will be required after 20 years. Asphalt can become damaged easier than concrete by ground movement. The asphalt can also become damaged by bad drainage and tree roots which is why it is essential that the base preparation is perfect before laying the base.

Reinforced concrete courts need to be 100mm thick. The concrete to pumped in with F82 reinforcing mesh placed on 50/65 bar chairs. All courts should be poured simultaneously. This is the most structurally sound method of construction. And after many years there should be no structural damage to the court.

There is a selection of high quality cushioned acrylic systems available in Australia. A cushioned court is designed to reduce sports related injuries i.e. ankle, knee and lower back areas through Force Reduction (FR) whilst also returning the energy to the athlete reducing fatigue through Energy Restitution (ER). This means better performance and more endurance.

Premier Mat Cushion is a pre-fabricated rubber mat designed to float and bridge cracked and moving substrates. This is an ideal solution to permanently hide cracks on courts and have a premium cushioned system.

Premier GEL is the most advanced cushioned system providing the athlete superior benefits increasing performance and reducing fatigue.

There are many advantages for choosing synthetic grass. Whether it’s laid on concrete, asphalt or stabilized and compacted road bases. Synthetic grass greatly improves the aesthetics of your sporting or recreational areas and requires very little maintenance compared to natural turf.

The technology in synthetic grass has greatly advanced in the last 30 years. From natural looking to a wide colour range, improved ball bounce, responsive to spin, UV stability and Cool technology for better comfort in the sunlight.

All works completed by Premier Sports and Leisure, come with a warranty.Premier Sports and Leisure have a 5 year warranty against faulty workmanship and a 5 year warranty against faulty materials used.

We also supply warranties against manufacturing defects, under our manufacturers warranties, which differ between 1 – 15 years, depending on the products supplied.

Premier Sports and Leisure is a QBCC Licences and Certified Builder.
As well as, Approved Sports Surfacing, and Sports Accessories Installers.

Tennis Court Accessories

Premier Sports and Leisure offer a wide range of high quality fencing, lighting, and sports accessories to suit
your needs and budget to ensure customer satisfaction. We work closely with all of our suppliers, and have
built strong relationships over the years working together, to supply the best products for all budgets and

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• Tennis Nets

• Umpire Chair

• Fencing

• Lighting

• Windbreaker

• Court Construction

• Maintenance

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